“न जाने कब? “

‘अरमान’ न जाने कब ?

                        ‘लफ्ज’ बनकर ।

उनके पहलू में  जा पहुंचे।

‘ख्वाब’ न जाने कब ?

                         ‘हकीकत’  बनकर ।

नजर के सामने आ पहुंचे ।

वो न जाने कब ?

                         ‘सांस’ बनकर ।

हमारी रूह में जा पहुंचे ।

“और अब आलम है “-

कि ‘सांसो ‘के बिना, ‘रूह’ नहीं ।

और ‘उनके’ बिना, ‘जिन्दगी’ नहीं ।।

The mystery blogger award!

Hello everyone!

 mystery blogger award this is a very first time , I was nominated for this award by a great blogger Jerry perri.

Thanks a lot Jerry, it is such a great thing for me..

He is a motivational, inspirational, love, romance poetry blogger so he posts such a really good stuff.

He posted stories, poetries and motivational posts. You can check his blog Jerry perri. This award is for bloggers who find passion and inspiration in blogging so this award inspire and motivate them.

Creator of this award is Okoto Enigma. please visit her blog.

Nominees are-:



Dilkash Shayari


Russel Ray photos 


Beauty at outskirt 

Heart to soul

Mr. Lonely 



Sunny sunshine 

tanupriya sharma

The Rules of the award-

1. Put the logo/image on your blog.

2. List the rules.

3. Thank the person who nominated you and links their blog.

4. Mention the creator of the award and link their blog.

5. Tell your reader 3 things about yourself.

6. You have to nominate 10-20 people (I will prefer 10 to 20).

7. Notify your nominees by commenting on their blog.

8. Ask your nominees 5 questions of your choice; with one weird or funny question.

9. Share a link to your best post(s)

3 things about me_

I am very passionate about blogging.

I love reading.

I am very serious type of person.

Questions  from  my  nominator.

1. What is your nickname and how long do you intend to keep it?

2. Have you ever sang a song or wrote a poem for the one you love? What is the first line?

3. What do you do when you faced tough/bad situations?

4. Will you want to marry your first date?

5. Can you dance naked in a busy street for ten million dollars?


*Ritu, always.

*Yes! I wrote a poem for the love one(एक ख्याल सा तू, या हसीन ख्वाब कैसे कहलूं!)

*I just think about the cause of problem and then try to find a better solution.



Questions for my Nominees.

*What is your favorite book name?

*How many Pizza you can eat in one day?

*Which is your favorite song?

*Can you upload your dance video here?

*Where you want to go in future?

My best posts are

“जिन्दगी  को करीब से देखा है…..”

“Spritual Glamour”

एक सर्द रात, और चाँद !

One common reason behind unemployment in India- 

First of all I wanna say sorry to my readers because I didn’t write anything for some times. You have noticed my absence for sometimes. Actually I had busy in my exams and Trainings. Now I am writing a post. Let’s continue, my todays post is about “always resources are not the reason of unemployment”.

I post 3 vacancies on linkedIn. Many people send their Cvs in my mail. And talk to me like they are very sincere, they are very needy for job. In other words we can say that they shows their full interest even ask time and date for interview till one day before interview.

   Almost 100 cvs in my mail. I discussed with my senior and select some candidates for interview.

And now interesting thing —–

2 days before interview-

When I called them for interview……….

 1.“The no. you are calling is either switched off or not reachable”.

2.“The no. you are calling is busy”.

3.(While I am asking for other contact no.) “Sorry I have only one contact no”.

4.“I am sorry I can’t go for an interview today, please Re-scheduled it tomorrow or day after”.

5.“I am not looking for a job now” (why to update your resume on a portal if you are not a job seeker).

6.“I cannot come, my accident happened” (on the day of interview).

7.“I am ill” (most common in India).

8.“Parents not allowed me for this job”.(so why are you applying for this job)

9.“Somebody expired in his/her family so they can’t come for interview” (And suddenly on the day of interview).

Only two candidates reached there for interview. 

So friends always resource are not the reason of employment.

Do not play with recruiters.


“जिन्दगी  को करीब से देखा है…..”

आज फिर एक बार जिन्दगी को,

 बहुत करीब से देखा है ।

       कितनी मासूम है, कितनी  अनजान है, 

            जैसे बेजुबान है।

आज फिर एक बार जिन्दगी को,

करीब से देखा है ।।

        ये तो जानती  भी नही, कि अब कितना   जिऊगी, 

      ना जाने कब मिट् जाऊं।

आज फिर एक बार जिन्दगी को,

करीब से देखा है।।

           ये एहसास, ये  जिंदगी का दर्द …..

         मैंने आज , बहुत करीब से जाना है ।

           जब अपनो  ने , गैर होने  का एहसास दिया ,

              तब ये मासूम ,बिखर सी गई ।                       तब  फिर एक बार ,जिन्दगी को ,

बहुत करीब से देखा है।

            आज फिर एक बार, जिन्दगी को।

                 बहुत करीब से देखा है ।।


Comedy is new sip

H​ello friends 

  My today’s post is  about “comedy”. I like comedy when some reality shows of comedy starts on TV. I am not only one in India, 61% of people like comedy. Peeps, we know that-

“a good laugh healthy for us”. So peeps, if you are trying to have a good laugh with rising levels of stress, so comedy refreshes you like a cup of coffee in morning refreshes you. 

So for this laugh people go with the comedy. Due to the busy schedule we are not spending time with family. 

     Load of work increased the stress level. That’s why some people want relax. They watch comedy on their smart phones or laptops. 

They watch YouTube videos or web series. Comedy is laughter pill. But, it is a very difficult task for artists. Because comedy is all about timing.

One should not deliver good joke for long. Comedy wants dedication, passion and full focus. Comedy is serious business that needs constant thinking, because humor has to be healthy a certain amount of particles 

Incorrectness cannot be avoided while creating comedy but they make some there cannot below the belt.

Comedy has exploded with a bigger bang then every other art form in India.

Being a comedian is full of challenges. Like to be funny all time. Deliver a funny joke but in limit. And always do inventions with time. This is the biggest challenge for a comedian. They have to make changes in their act according to audience demand. And that’s the reason Indian comedian are paid any where 40k to 5lakh for only one stand up. In Indian best sources of comedy one is TV and other is YouTube for this generation.

कैसे कह  लूं

एक ख्याल सा तू, 

या हसीन ख्वाब ,कैसे कह लूँ

मेरे साथ सा तू ,

या बस एहसास ,कैसे कह लूँ

एक मंजिल सा तू,

या बस तलाश, कैसे कह लूँ

मैं मुसाफिर जहाँ, वहाँ एक राह सा तू

या बस इत्तेफ़ाक़ ,कैसे कह लूँ

मेरी ज़िन्दगी की, हर साँस में तू

मैं भी तेरी , कैसे कह लूँ।


एक सर्द रात, और चाँद !

​आज चाँद का इस सर्द रात में,

                यूं पूरा निकलना-

इसकी चाँदनी का,

                यूं दिल म चुभना,-

किसी सजा से कम नहीं।

                 कितनी बेचैनी बढ़ रही है,

                तेरी चाँदनी की चुभन से।

आज एक दर्द सा है,

जो असहनीय है।

                   आज तुझे देखने का, 

                   जो बेचैनी भरा सुकून है।

ये बहुत ही जुदा है।

न कुछ कह सकते है,

न तेरी चाँदनी अब सह सकते है।

                     एक अजीब सा नशा है, इस रात में,

                     जो खुले आसमाँ के नीचे ,

                     तेरा दीदार किये जा रही हूँ।


         तुझे महसूस किये जा रही हूँ।

         इस खुबसूरत रात की तनहाई में

मैं खुद को भूलकर तुझमें,

तुझसे बिन कहे बात किये जा रही हूँ,

बस तुझे देखे जा रही हूँ।

                           By- Ritu Tomar

“Spritual Glamour”

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to my blog ‘Pearls Bunch’

I love writing. I think everyone has there own points of view about feelings, religion, life, creation, reading etc. I have too my own views about all these things that’s the reason I have choosen writing to share my thoughts with all of you.

So Friends…. Let’s continue, This is my very first post on my blog and I am really excited too share my post with all of you. 

My today’s post is about “spritual glamour” I know that I am too young for writing  about the importance of spirituality. But I was just thought that in a world perpetually on the edge, ‘NIRVANA’ has become the most sought after luxury. here all of you see two words.


Glamour- It mean a magical unreal charm, beauty. Glamour is more than just good looks. We can also say that glamour is quality of any person being interesting and fascinating.

why glamour is most demanding- we know that everyone wants to look glamourous. because trends may come and go but true glamour will always be sought. I think That your external beauty is like your skin colour, weight, height, hair, is not everything. Your soul beauty( inner beauty) makes you confident, glamourous and most demanding.

spiritual glamour- spritual glamour come from spirituality. According to me true soul is source of spirituality or spiritual knowledge. my all friends know that I am not too spritual but I believe in sprituality. Because spiritual glamour is the latest aspiration for the millennials. Sprituality is a wide concept. In general we can say that it include a sense of connection to something bigger than ourselves. it is a Universal human experience something that touches us all. We all know the facts that is everyone believe in God directly or indirectly (by naming destiny) science too.

Human ,nature and universe are beautiful creation of God. At that time people are not just exploring new ways to find inner peace and calm but flaunting it too.

Sprituality teaches us how to find ourselves, believe in yourself and find inner peace. Spirituality realise you that no One Is Perfect for your love then you. because no one protect you like you protect yourself. No One loves you like you love yourself so love yourself. And believe in god believe in spirituality believe in you and find that who are you? So be spiritual I don’t say that be too much spritual but be lill spiritual because ” a Sprinkle of spiritual dust can rapidly and the halo and get all the attentions”.

“It’s important to remember we all have our unique ways to walk the spiritual path”
Friends all of you know that spirituality is very long concept. So instead of going Deep we came on track ” spritual glamour” you know that this is time of stardom celebrities and many modern things everyone wants to be star. you, me all of us.

The sudden escalation of spiritual retreats gurus are a result of this question by millennials. From chakra healing to fire walks, ice baths to intermittent fasting, silent retreats to talk therapy and everything in between the world of spiritual development has become limitless.

Spiritual glamour now the tickets to Instant stardom another major influence are celebrities. their Accounts are filled with attractive pics promoting healthy lifestyle, yoga, meditation etc.

” True spirituality is unquantifiable except why feelings “.