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  1. cabbageandwine

    This is for your fake friends pass it on to them
    Okon Idiok – – by robynlang3 – living in Wollongong, Australia and this is you again from Nigeria. Why are you using the picture of that woman for this blog that you made to make people believe that it is her when it is you in Nigeria who is doing this? This is what we call “Antibehaviours” in society. You will go to prison if these know that you are using their pictures. Geelong, Australia. lives in Douglas Massachusettes Ivors and Jonathan Caswell are the same person in pictures. You made a profile one lives in Douglas Massachusettes and the other lives in Geelong Australia. Why are you doing this with people’s pictures? Why are you stealing on line? For what reason? Jokerswild is you again in Nigeria – you deleted this one after I sent it to you and realise that you have been discovered about scamming at wordpress. – mr onague – you deleted this one after I sent it to you and you realised that you have been discovered about scamming at wordpress. – blocked by wordpress – decided to use this one to pretend you are blogging. And plus you have put a fake picture of a woman and writing quotes about life as if people will now think you are a dear person and a good one.
    What are you doing with 6 word press website that you are not writing.. Do you remember this saying that you wrote at each of t
    “GOOD COMPANY IN A JOURNEY MAKES THE WAY SEEM SHORTER” – by IZAAK WALTON – Plus the same picture of sunset at all the websites that you created and you thought that you will never be discovered all your bad things you are doing. We know it and we have unraveled it. I just want the people to know that you are not good.
    Thank you for reading and I hope everyone will read and will realise that something with you is wrong. And say hi to all your fake friends who are making fake wordpress websites. Sooner WordPress will know about you all. Since WordPress has already deleted one of your websites, very soon they will delete all of the above wesbsites you made to torture people on wordpress. Thank you very much.
    One person cannot possibly handle all these websites and it is breaching the law of word press. We want all these websites to be deleted before 24 hours.
    Word press consultant


    1. listen cabbageandwine I’m not from Nigeria and I also don’t have more than one profile on WordPress. I have only one site that is and I’m Ritu tomar from India ….you can cross check and also complete your proper research about me than say anything.


    2. Dear cabbageandwine, are you a kid or what ? you’re saying that the pearlsbunch is the fake profile and Jerry Perry is real admin of this profile and he is a scammer.
      So according to you all blogs are fake which is followed by Jerry Perry. He is a follower of pearlsbunch nothing else. You’re lying that you research properly, check all the links given in the contact page, all links belongs to Ritu Tomar who is the real admin of this profile. And one more thing, Nigerians do not know hindi (only indians know this language)then how Ritu Tomar’s blog posts are in hindi can you describe.

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  2. Hi, and thanks for visiting my blog.

    I hope you don’t mind me reaching out in a comment — I couldn’t find a way to contact you privately (you can always delete this comment…)

    I noticed that your Gravatar doesn’t link to your blog. This makes it more difficult for others to find you. Please take a look at my blog post linked below, which explains the easy steps you can take to fix this 🙂

    Happy blogging!

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      1. Thank you ever so much for reblogging my Gravatar post. But I noticed that your own Gravatar still doesn’t link to your site — are you having some difficulty? (If so, I’d love to know, I’m always looking to improve).


  3. Hello and thanks for the follow on pensitivity101. Welcome!
    I see you’ve been having a look around my blog so hope you are finding things of interest and stuff you like. Please add a comment here and there, and I’ll get back to you as I love the interaction and feedback.

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  4. Re: Why there is unemployment in India. # 8 My parents won’t allow me to do this job. That is a tragedy. People should be allowed to be themselves. I took highly academic degrees to try and develop a career, which has never been a success. I’d rather be a writer.


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