Covid 19

Before covid 19 people were fighting for food, daily needs, money 💰 generally in 9-5 shift. Working time... But after covid -19 in india people are begging for food only to be alive desire no money no work ...only ....want to be alive so they are just begging for food .. it's very sad …

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Rat ki deewar

Is rat ki deewar prashq to mere, nisaan tmhare hai.Ye tasveer jo dhundli si bn rhi hai pani se,A jao fir ek bar rang bhar do….Fir mera jhan ek bar.. Muqammal krdo…. -Ritu Tomar

Gwalior city is inside 💗in the heart of India

Gwalior is situated in Heart of Madhya Pradesh. The new section of the city called Lashkar. Gwalior is known for its palaces and temples, it is also well known for its majestic fort. Gwalior is famous for its historical place like Gwalior fort, Tansen tombs, Jai Vilas mahal, Sun temple, Gopachal parvat, Maharaj bada, Archaiologica …

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""कैद हूं मै, खुद के बनाए सपनो में। तलाश है एक झरोखे कि जो तुमसे मिला दे ।"" 》》 Ritu

shayri #diary ki

"औरो कि खामिया खोजने वाले, भूल जाते है ••••••••○•○ कि दिल उनका नेकियों का नवाब नही । तमाम परदे होंगे गुनाहो पर, छुपाने के खातिर ।।"

Heart 💜

Oh God Bijlee!

My little heart,

Do you hide yourself behind those tough ribs?

Are you afraid of the world outside and keep shut those lips?

What are you afraid of?

What are you thinking of?

My little heart,

I know people misunderstand and consider your decision as peurile,

But do they actually know how many times you have beaten as you have travelled thousand mile.
Why do you then ponder so much about us, about the place you live in,

Speak! Speak all that you wanted to, because it ain’t a sin.

My little heart,

In every second, with every beat, you fill life in me,

And thats why my giant hollow body lives the life with glee.

The rhythm of your beats calms my soul that you’re alive,

It leaves me satisfying that I’m breathing and I’m alive.

My little heart,

Every drop of blood that you pump in my body,

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