My Last travel

Yeah !!!!😊👌about my last traveller ,well it was a really memorable time for me.when i was travelled from Gwalior to Agra for Taj mahal. it was very cold because winters is on peak and yeah obviously .
21st of December early in the morning i wake up and get ready for my road trip by scooty bike .it was really owsm weather so much Fogg all-around ,little drops of water are came with the cold wind. On the way i was feeling like my legs were got paralise and it was so panic for me because it is my first winter trip by scooty bike obviously.when I was reached Agra,we take a coffee break in a cafeteria, and then continue my journey towards Taj Mahal. I reached at Taj Mahal so many visitors are there, first of all we visited all around Taj with every view than stand in a long row to go inside the Taj Mahal .and after that start photography we taken so many pictures over there . Taj Mahal is such a beautiful monoment in India at that day I realised why this is called one of the 7th wonder of world. And after that I was came outsider. Indulged in the shopping we buy so many things there over there I bought a small Taj which one is my favourite.

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