Friends 👭❤friendships


Relating with each other is a very vital part of human existence. No matter who you are, or how principled you may be, it is not possible to exist alone, you must need one or more people and their influence, to be able to live!

There are various forms of relationships and each, very important in its own way. However, having a friend, which entails being in friendship with another, is so special and important that a sage described the person in it as an “elixir of life!” This is because, amongst other things, a friend is someone that;

1. Is always there for you in good and in bad times.
2. Understands your tears because he/she will always cry with you.
3. Knows the depths of your laughter, because he/she is part of it.
4. Will always stand in for you, either you are around or absent.
5. Is a strong pillar of support, and has a ready shoulder for you.

It is not in vain that Khalil Gibran said this, of friendship;

“…when your friend speaks his mind
You fear not the “nay” in your own mind
Nor do you withhold the “aye”
And when he is silent
Your heart ceases not to listen to his heart
For without words
In friendship
All thoughts, all desires, all expectations are born and shared with joy that is unclaimed…”

Your friend understands the thoughts in your heart, such that often, even when you reveal nothing to him/her in spoken words, he/she will be able to act out your desires the way you wanted!

Always respect and appreciate your friends, especially the faithful ones and never value your relationships based on materialism, for “the gift of the self is priceless!”

When people offer genuine friendship to you, do not take their act for granted by seeing them as a means to an end, or particles to temporarily fill your emptiness!

If you lose the allegiance of a faithful friend, you lose a priceless treasure.

this is a guest post by Jerry perri.

he is wonderful and writing is totally mesmerising and mostly filled with sprinkle of love, and romance and ya he is my one of the best friend he is from Nigeria but distance never metter in friendship.

You may read further on friendship on this link; “FRIENDS”

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