“Man’s words and voice are a reflection of his personality. .”

by words and voice man becomes superior and despicable. Otherwise, at the time of birth, all human beings are equal, whether they are kings or poor  their thoughts are the same. And then his personality is made up of people from his neighborhood and his family. He sees happening in his life, which sees others doing it, that  comes in his personality. If he grows up in a decent and educated society, his education is of the same kind and his personality is also built like a decent man as we have seen.

A noble person  doesn’t abuse anyone, does not speak abusively, while the poor and small people always use the wrong words and insult others because the person does not have any respect for himself, he does not know the importance of knowledge. It does not have to put civilization in its upbringing. Due to lack of knowledge, that person’s personality is coughing. All of us have seen this in our life that if a person is educated and we’ll mannered  from a civilized society, his upbringing is correct, then the person is always humble in front of others, that person will never use the wrong words for anyone. Having said-

In the same way, a superior man believes in listening more because of the excessive amount of knowledge he provides in his life. He knows the importance of knowledge that he can never talk to anyone using abusive and abusive language, on the other hand, a person who didn’t do anything in life, did not achieve any achievement, he does not have to do anything to make a person unnecessarily. He  does not think about anyone to say the wrong words. There are many great men in this world today even today, There are big and knowledgeable people who have brought themselves in the stars from dust and have created their own existence, such as Tata, Birla, Ambani, have you ever seen these heard misinterpreted or abused by saying or doing wrong words? No, in the manner of talking about all this, there is a civilization. There is a tinge that the rituals are reflected and their knowledge there is also evidence of those people who have done something in their life, have achieved achievements

In one of his life, he has brought himself to the stars in a bar. Knowledge makes a man great. The difference between man and animal is also by knowledge, without knowledge there is a human being like a beast.

Knowledge and speech alone identify the identity of a fool and a civilized human being.

That’s why I will make the same request to all of you. That’s your speech and conscience should not be lost in vain.

“Because if you insult a person, it does not insult him, but gives evidence of being yours downstairs.”

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