Psychology of society towards Girls👩

This man dominated society has always prevented the girls from moving forward. Always a man takes the decision of the future of the girls. The society believes that the girls should live inside the house only, and that the girls are in the house. They should not go out of the house. What is to be done girls is simply to take care of the houses. From birth to marriage, it is to be take care of your father’s house where she has to follow the teachings of her father and her family and keep silent. The people who make the decision will have to admit with smile without any objection.

Life travel of a girl-

When, she was in the womb of his mother.  As soon as her family member got to know her, her mother, who is herself a girl, would be ready to assassinate her fetus but if she survived like a poor, then  till the 5 years of age she does not get as much love as the parents does to a boy. It is illegal. From the age of 5 to 8 years which should be the beginning of her reading, it has to be cared for. It has to be taken care of that.

The girl has to do her own work like preparing a bath she needs to eat herself with her own hands as soon as she is 8 years old, she start teaching her work at home like washing, broom and serve food even watering. All this keeps going till the age of 12.

When the girl completes her 12 or 13 years More than half of the house’s work is left over to it. Like cooking, serving everyone, washing dishes, sending brother to school, and scolding if the work gets deteriorated. Now even in the hands of that girl in the hands of the house. It has not yet understood its meaning. Thousands of restrictions are imposed on her. Like

1– Clothes to wear with your parents’ choice.

2- Do not talk to 2-guys.

3- Do not go out of the house alone.

4- Do not talk to anyone loudly.

5- Do not laugh too much in front of relatives.

Because,  if a girl does not do this then she will not have good relations for her marriage. And then after completing 16 years planning of her marriage start the marriage starts happening, even sometimes marriage is done before 18 and the girl gets married, she also gets married with the choice of her parents and relatives. Nobody wanted to know whether she was happy or not. Did she want to get married? Or some of his dreams were his own. She gets married. She gets married. After marriage, she enters in another house. Where only the change was done, Ghungghat took the place of dupatta in his life and was first known as his father’s daughter. Now known as husband’s wife, that house was called Mayka, and now this house is called in-laws. She used to obey the father, brother, grandmother, mother, everybody’s command. she used to take the decision of her future. And here all his decisions take her husband, mother-in-law and father-in-law. And sometimes the girls are beaten in the in-laws’ house. And many times they are killed for dowry.

And because of all this, her husband hopes to get the birth of a boy from her in-laws. And if that girl has a girl in her womb, then she forces her to murder the fetus. And If she fails to give birth to the child, then she is pronounced. she is constrained for divorce. On many occasions, the girl is abandoned, and her husband remarries. .  ” Well this is the irony of the life of a girl.”

If a child becomes a child, then the whole life goes out for the children and seeing the woman, the woman becomes a mother from the woman, and she fulfills all the wishes – one day just dies.

Now here is a question for you, for this societyis this the life of a girl? If you had thought that if all this was with a boy, would he have been able to tolerate all this? Maybe a girl who is an equal shareholder in running a society, her life just deserved it. Is a woman who gives birth to a man, her life just deserve so much, maybe not at all.

         In her eyes ,

There were some golden dreams

       In her heart 

There were some beautiful  desires. 

      In her emotions, 

There was some undiscovered  passion. 

      On her lips 

Things were some right.

      In her words  (too),

There were some hidden  sticks.

     In her thoughts, 

There was someone’s memory.

    But, who understand  her?

     May be no one.

   Probably never.


62 thoughts on “Psychology of society towards Girls👩

  1. I have been to India a few times and saw this continually. Young girls treated worse than slaves. They are not allowed to have any opinions or question anything. Here in America (NY) I also have many friends from India – although they raise their children here, the mother’s are reluctant to change the culture of women. I often ask them why they came to America, sent their children to the best schools, yet a husband is still chosen for them. A girl even here follows strict Indian rules. Once the husband is picked out by the parents, they then introduce him to their daughter. It is then the daughter’s duty to care also for her in-laws, who make many of her decisions also. What I see from my friend’s is that it is not so much the culture, but how they will look to others within their own Indian community; as well as their families and friends in India. Ritu, I wonder how many realize that this is still the way in 2017, even in America! Thank you for sharing!

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  2. good post! but I would say some of these incidents are exaggerated and is just an age old story.. our society has developed.. though the gender equality is still in question, the disparities have only narrowed down.. among the elite class, its more narrower..

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      1. Basically, I like criticisms than that of appreciations.. As I read the post, I found some of them really good remaining not really encouraging.. As I scrolled down, I realised that I had nothing new to say regarding the better agreeable parts.. So went over to the other side.. Basically, when writing something, one must take care not to get carried away and write just common hearsays with no evidences to prove whether you are right or wrong.. Very fundamentally, how can I simply accept or believe her statements.. For eg- addition of a sex ratio chart or child marriage reports could make it more convincing.. Moreover if it was just meant to be a simple letter of concern, it shouldn’t bump into international issues..


    1. As a girl I feel the same way many of time when my relatives come from my home town. …and my parents forced me to wear some Indian cloths instead of my casual wear. And my cousin she left her study after 10th. Because of her parents .she got married when she was only 16th. ..if you believe that this is just a old age story. …so I would say that. ..please go and visit every where in rural areas and I’m sure you’ll get your answer.

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