​“The victory of light over dark”

Deepavali is a national festival in India. Deepavali means “rows of clay lamps”. It is a festival of light. Diwali is other name of deepavali celebrated every year in month of October or November by Hindus or we can say that in month of kartika on 15th day. On fest of Diwali we are worshipping Lord Ganesha and Goddess Laxmi.  Goddess Laxmi symbolizes money and property and Lord Ganesha symbolizes intelligence and knowledge. And we obviously want knowledge and wealth so we worshipped both Laxmi and Ganesha on Diwali. In this day we are lighting up our home as well as our soul.The inner light that protects from darkness and bring spirituality in life.

History of Diwali:

Diwali memorializes, because on this day, after completing his 14 years exile Lord Rama return to his dynasty Ayodhya. the people of Ayodhya illuminated rows of diyas(clay lamps) to cheers the victory of Lord Rama. There are various stories behind Diwali but I personally believe on this.  

This is 5 days festival

1st day:-  first day of festival we celebrate as Dhanteras. On this day people clean their house and workplace decorates their houses and workplaces. On this day people believe in shopping of gold, silver and kitchen utensils. So all people according to budget buy some gold and silver coins  for diwali pujan.

2nd day:– second day is celebrated as chhoti Diwali. On this day people decorate their full home and workplace with tinny lights, making designs with colors (rangoli),  different- different color of light, candles, flowers and clay lamps(Diyas). Making lots of mouth-watering  sweets for Diwali pujan. Bring mumra(made up of dhan) and gatta(made up of sugar).  And  shopping of traditional clothes.

3rd day:- this is the main day of Diwali. On this day in evening  people wear new cloths and dressed well  and worshipped  Lord Ganesha and goddess Laxmi with sweets, flowers along with whole family and friends.

And light up diyas and put these clay lamps everywhere in his house and do fireworks cracks crackers. Along with all this festivities  meeting  with their friends and family and exchanged gifts and sweets boxes.

4th day:-  this day is celebrated  as Govardhan pooja. Govardhan pooja  is done with curi, rice, dahi bara, sweets  and chapati. Whole family stands together worshipped Govardhan and complete 101 rounds of Govardhan. 

5th day:– this day is dedicated to Love of brother and sister, So this is celebrated as Bhai doj. We all know that relation of brother and sister unique in this world. On this day sister put kumkum tilak on his brother’s forehead treat sweet and pray for his long life. And in returns brother gives gift to his sister. 

45 thoughts on “          🎆🌠Diwali🎆

  1. Jerry Peri

    Very informative post, Ritu, now I know much about the Diwali festival and can wish my Hindu friends and especially you, “happy Diwali”, all thanks to you!
    So, has the celebration started? When is it ending?

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