One common reason behind unemployment in India- 

First of all I wanna say sorry to my readers because I didn’t write anything for some times. You have noticed my absence for sometimes. Actually I had busy in my exams and Trainings. Now I am writing a post. Let’s continue, my todays post is about “always resources are not the reason of unemployment”.

I post 3 vacancies on linkedIn. Many people send their Cvs in my mail. And talk to me like they are very sincere, they are very needy for job. In other words we can say that they shows their full interest even ask time and date for interview till one day before interview.

   Almost 100 cvs in my mail. I discussed with my senior and select some candidates for interview.

And now interesting thing —–

2 days before interview-

When I called them for interview……….

 1.“The no. you are calling is either switched off or not reachable”.

2.“The no. you are calling is busy”.

3.(While I am asking for other contact no.) “Sorry I have only one contact no”.

4.“I am sorry I can’t go for an interview today, please Re-scheduled it tomorrow or day after”.

5.“I am not looking for a job now” (why to update your resume on a portal if you are not a job seeker).

6.“I cannot come, my accident happened” (on the day of interview).

7.“I am ill” (most common in India).

8.“Parents not allowed me for this job”.(so why are you applying for this job)

9.“Somebody expired in his/her family so they can’t come for interview” (And suddenly on the day of interview).

Only two candidates reached there for interview. 

So friends always resource are not the reason of employment.

Do not play with recruiters.


53 thoughts on “One common reason behind unemployment in India- 

  1. Hi Pearlsbunch
    Interesting post i say! I am surprise to know there are some people whose number was not working lol but they need a job.. to ask for a reschedule is to ask the letter to be in KIV hehe … keep posting! Love reading your blog.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. हयात-ए इश्क में, फनाह होने को निकले हैं
    कायनात-ए-उल्फ़त की हम, चाहत में निकले हैं।

    उन्होंने कहा कि थोड़ी तारीफ तो कर दो
    और हम ना-चीज, तारीफ की तारीफ में निकले हैं।
    Read, share

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