Comedy is new sip

H​ello friends 

  My today’s post is  about “comedy”. I like comedy when some reality shows of comedy starts on TV. I am not only one in India, 61% of people like comedy. Peeps, we know that-

“a good laugh healthy for us”. So peeps, if you are trying to have a good laugh with rising levels of stress, so comedy refreshes you like a cup of coffee in morning refreshes you. 

So for this laugh people go with the comedy. Due to the busy schedule we are not spending time with family. 

     Load of work increased the stress level. That’s why some people want relax. They watch comedy on their smart phones or laptops. 

They watch YouTube videos or web series. Comedy is laughter pill. But, it is a very difficult task for artists. Because comedy is all about timing.

One should not deliver good joke for long. Comedy wants dedication, passion and full focus. Comedy is serious business that needs constant thinking, because humor has to be healthy a certain amount of particles 

Incorrectness cannot be avoided while creating comedy but they make some there cannot below the belt.

Comedy has exploded with a bigger bang then every other art form in India.

Being a comedian is full of challenges. Like to be funny all time. Deliver a funny joke but in limit. And always do inventions with time. This is the biggest challenge for a comedian. They have to make changes in their act according to audience demand. And that’s the reason Indian comedian are paid any where 40k to 5lakh for only one stand up. In Indian best sources of comedy one is TV and other is YouTube for this generation.

34 thoughts on “Comedy is new sip

  1. Thanks for sharing for Comedy shows in your lovely country. Did you know that India is my favorite country. It is for the simple reason that the people are very nice and supportive. My biggest support on the net comes from India followed by the US another country that I adore.

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