Heart 💜

Tanya Bajaj

My little heart,

Do you hide yourself behind those tough ribs?

Are you afraid of the world outside and keep shut those lips?

What are you afraid of?

What are you thinking of?

My little heart,

I know people misunderstand and consider your decision as peurile,

But do they actually know how many times you have beaten as you have travelled thousand mile.
Why do you then ponder so much about us, about the place you live in,

Speak! Speak all that you wanted to, because it ain’t a sin.

My little heart,

In every second, with every beat, you fill life in me,

And thats why my giant hollow body lives the life with glee.

The rhythm of your beats calms my soul that you’re alive,

It leaves me satisfying that I’m breathing and I’m alive.

My little heart,

Every drop of blood that you pump in my body,

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Using Gravatar to build traffic


Gravatar logoThis short wibblette is intended for newcomers to WordPress; my aim is to show you how to set up Gravatar to help you build traffic to your site.

First of all: what is ‘Gravatar’?

A Gravatar image This is what my Gravatar looks like

An ‘avatar’ is an image that represents you online — a little picture that appears next to your name when you interact with websites.

A ‘Gravatar’ is a Globally Recognized Avatar. You upload it and create your profile just once, and then when you participate in any Gravatar-enabled site, your Gravatar image will automatically follow you there. Gravatar is a free service which is automatically included in every WordPress.com account.

Why should I care?

When you visit a site and ‘like’ an article, or leave a comment, your Gravatar remains behind on the page. Other visitors can click on it to find out about you… and…

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Friends 👭❤friendships


Relating with each other is a very vital part of human existence. No matter who you are, or how principled you may be, it is not possible to exist alone, you must need one or more people and their influence, to be able to live!

There are various forms of relationships and each, very important in its own way. However, having a friend, which entails being in friendship with another, is so special and important that a sage described the person in it as an “elixir of life!” This is because, amongst other things, a friend is someone that;

1. Is always there for you in good and in bad times.
2. Understands your tears because he/she will always cry with you.
3. Knows the depths of your laughter, because he/she is part of it.
4. Will always stand in for you, either you are around or absent.
5. Is a strong pillar of support, and has a ready shoulder for you.

It is not in vain that Khalil Gibran said this, of friendship;

“…when your friend speaks his mind
You fear not the “nay” in your own mind
Nor do you withhold the “aye”
And when he is silent
Your heart ceases not to listen to his heart
For without words
In friendship
All thoughts, all desires, all expectations are born and shared with joy that is unclaimed…”

Your friend understands the thoughts in your heart, such that often, even when you reveal nothing to him/her in spoken words, he/she will be able to act out your desires the way you wanted!

Always respect and appreciate your friends, especially the faithful ones and never value your relationships based on materialism, for “the gift of the self is priceless!”

When people offer genuine friendship to you, do not take their act for granted by seeing them as a means to an end, or particles to temporarily fill your emptiness!

If you lose the allegiance of a faithful friend, you lose a priceless treasure.

this is a guest post by Jerry perri.

he is wonderful and writing is totally mesmerising and mostly filled with sprinkle of love, and romance and ya he is my one of the best friend he is from Nigeria but distance never metter in friendship.

You may read further on friendship on this link; “FRIENDS” http://www.jerriperri.com/friends/

❤ वो प्यार था💑

जब पहली दफा उसे देखकर,

निगाहें ठहर सी गई और

जुबां कुछ कह न पाई

वो प्यार था! 💑

जब आँखे बंद करती,

सिर्फ उसे देखने की

चाहत होती

वो प्यार था!💑

जब वो पास न होता ,

तब भी उसे पास

महसूस करना

वो प्यार था!💑

मेरी हर सांस में, उसका नाम,

और हर दुआ में

उसका साथ

वो प्यार था!💑

जब डर लगा, उसके दूर जाने का,

तो उसका ए विश्वास दिलाना

वो मुझे छोड़कर कभी ना जाएगा

वो प्यार था!💑

जब अंधेरे में खुद को पाया,

उसका रोशनी बनकर

हर बार आना

वो प्यार था!💑

हम शायद कभी एक ना हो पाए,

पर उसका मुझसे वादा करना

कि वो सिर्फ मेरा है

वो प्यार था! 💑

🎉Happy Holi🎊

hey guys!

wish you a very happy holi to all of you. I hope all of you enjoyed it so much. this day is completely packed with a beautiful colours and happiness and sweetness of sweets.

so folks let’s start to share smthing about Holi………

it is an Indian religious and cultural festival we are celebrate it in spring season so it is also called as spring festival.

Holi is 2 days festival it is celebrated according to the Vikram samvat Hindu calendar in month of phalguna on purnima when moon is full.

1st day…..

the first day of festival known as Holika dehan or chhoti holi

on this night people gathered and give fire to Holika ( made with wood or gobar etc.) and performs religious rituals in front of Holika bonfire. and distibute prasad (sweets).and pray in front of fire that their evil destroyed with this fire. and go to sleep.

2nd day……

on second day early in the morning lots of food and sweets made by laddies. and than every one get ready to play holi. so people are spray colors on others have lots of dance, eat delicious sweets, and lots of people drink bhang (made from cannabis) it is intoxicating drink name as thandai on this day 😆.

whole day group of people play holi on one place and than when evening comes .they bathed and dress nicely and go to their friends and relatives for making better relationship and to give wishes on this festival.

story behind holi…..

in earlier time their was a king Hirnyakashyap. he is very cruel and proud. he wants that all people worshipped him not God. in his dinesty all people do the way what king want accept his son Prahalad.

Prahalad is truly believe in God not in his father.

King don’t like this thing. so he just start tourcher him with different different type. king thrown him on the way of elephants, than thrown from hight of mountain. but all tries fails and Prahalad was safe. after this king called his sister Holika because Holika have a chunri (cloth) which is given by Lord Indradev quality of this chunri is …..this is never burn in fire. so king said to Holika go and take Prahalad in his lap and sit on fire. Holika do the same as King said to her. but with the blessing of God wind is start blowing. and chunri goes to coved Prahalad and Holika was burn and finished. all people enjoyed this victory of good over evil with full of happiness and energies.

The Princess! 👸

hey folks!

today I’ll gonna introduced you a story the Princess and her love.after very long time I hope all of you enjoyed it.it is written by guest writer

“The Princess”👸

She is like something out of a dream! She has great beauty and she is a real Princess, the daughter of an Emir in the sub Ajman kingdom of the United Arab Emirates. Being an only daughter out of ten children and one of her mother’s three (the Emir, her father, has four wives), Princess Umaima is the Emirs’ favorite child and not wanting her to be far from him, he arranged for her to be homeschooled! And so even at the age of nineteen, Princess Umaima had never traveled outside the Emirates. She had accompanied her father countless times to Abu Dhabi, Dubai and other cities of the Emirates on royal functions.

Princess Umaima became lonely. She had no private life and when her half sister that is studying at the Royal College in London introduced her to blogging, she became passionate about it and poured all her fantasies into it. It was not long after she became a blogger that she discovered how much of a poet she is. This is because all her posting is in verse (shouldn’t be a surprise cause she had memorised the entire holy Qur’an). Whenever she shared a post on her blog, a lot of people will comment and always compliment how good and natural her poems are! It made her so happy and soon she forgot her loneliness.

She became excited when she met Molangu, a blogger from Africa! Molangu is a poet and has posted over three hundred poems on his blog, most of which are romantic. Umaima followed his blog, as both of them are of the WordPress community.

It was in one of the comments on her blog that Molangu stumbled across the meaning of Umaima’s name and fell in love with it. That particular meaning said “birth of the heavens!” Molangu wrote a poem about the name and requested permission to post it on his blog, which the Princess granted (he didn’t know she is a princess and the bio on her blog says she is a student at the university in Abu Dhabi). She immediately liked him and they became friends! She requested to be connected on WhatsApp and then began an online romance.

They shared photos and chatted at the slightest opportunity!


Princess Umaima is very romantic and she became easily attracted to the French people and often wonder how it will be like, to spend Spring in Paris. She hired a tutor and within a little period of time learnt French. She always had dreams of going to Paris, not only to spend spring, but to see the Eiffel tower which she admired and had read every available literature about. She dreamt and hope to visit the tower with a Prince charming.

She had shared her fantasies with Molangu, whom though she had never met, has fallen hopelessly in love with!


Molangu is from a humble background and is very hardworking. He is a small time farmer and because of his brilliant and consistent posts, he was able to create great contents and attracted a large following on his blog, which also made it possible for advertisements on it, as his Google ranking is impressive. With the little adverts revenue and donations, Molangu is able to enjoy a comfortable and modest living.

The photos that Umaima sent to him of her portrayed her as an extremely beautiful girl, to which Molangu had hoped to meet her in person. When she shared her fantasies of Paris, Molangu was excited cause it provided him with an opportunity to meet her.

The plan

He planned for her to be in Paris at spring. Because he has little money and with a few blogger friends in France, he decided to organized and fund an award for new bloggers that posts excellent poetry. Umaima was easily nominated and three months later, spring came and also the time for the awards.

The winner will be announced on the day of the award among four bloggers that were screened, of which Umaima is among by merit, not manipulation.

Molangu was proud of her and each day he keep imagining what will happen when they eventually meet.

The emir, Umaima’s father reluctantly, but proudly allowed her to attend the award, cause she convinced him the award meant so much to her.

Although princess Umaima shared everything about the processes of the award with Molangu, she had no idea that he has a part in it. She was tempted to send him money for visa and fares to Paris so that they could meet there, but she couldn’t, cause she had intimated him that she is an ordinary teacher in a local school and earned little from the teaching she does.

Molangu didn’t tell her he will be in Paris cause he previously told her he is a poor farmer and earned little from blogging!


He was in Paris a day before Umaima. He knows her travelling schedules because he planned everything, still, she had told him and promised to send photos of the Eiffel as soon as she is there, which she planned for the morning of the first day after her arrival, as the award is scheduled to take place in the evening of that day.

Molangu was at Charles de Gaulle Internationale Airport an hour before the arrival of Umaima’s flight. It was not difficult for him to recognise her cause although she appeared more beautiful than she did in the photos and videos she sent him, there is no mistaking her! It took all his willpower to restrained himself from rushing to scoop her in his arms as she walked from the terminal to a waiting taxi. He half fainted, when she entered the taxi, cause he got into a spoon the moment he saw her and everything else was like a dream. It was an Airport security that brought him out of his reverie and he went back to his room at the hotel (same with where Umaima and the other three awardees are). He could not sleep well, he was in and out of one romantic fantasy to the other, while wondering how possible it is for any human to have as much beauty.

Eiffel Tower

He got to the Eiffel tower before she did and loitered the grounds till she arrived! He cautiously followed her from a short distance and since the crowd was much, it was easy for him. They could not get to the top of the tower and non of them packed a basket, so Umaima decided to get back to the hotel and send photos of her first experience at the tower to Molangu and to write a poem on it for her blog. She planned to return the next day with a basket and get to the top of the tower.

It was at the grounds that Molangu decided to appear in style to the princess, this he did by scribbling a few poetic lines on a card and after showing it to a couple, he asked the man to allow his lady to hand the note to the Princess, which says;

“She is a beauty from the deserts
Adorned like a princess of heaven
Alone she admires the beauty of the Eiffel wishing in her sweet heart she had magical powers
Could her lover alone in Africa feel her heartbeats?
Oh, that he were here and in the night take her to the highest points and as they enjoy the sights of the city of lights, proposed to her!”

She collected and read the note, after which her heart stopped beating for half a second, as it crossed her mind who the author of the note might be! She turned and looked towards the direction from which she believed the lady approached her from and she saw him coming towards her, half running with a single red rose in his hand. It is him, black, no, dark chocolate brown, with shy adult smile and boyish looks! She ran into his open arms and the embrace was a dream of it’s own! 💏They kissed and so much energy was released, such that a keen ear will hear the sound of the beating of the drums of the gods in celebration of the wonderment. They fainted and laid on the soft grass for an hour and then they woke up.

Wall Of “I love you s” And The “Pac Des Buttes Chaumont”

Non of them said a word, Molangu gave Umaima the rose which he retrieved from the ground and led her outside, hailed a taxi and took her to the wall of “I love you s” where they also wrote theirs. Because there is much time before the awards, they took a long ride to the “Pac des Buttes Chaumont” where they spent romantic moments, sharing sudden kisses and caresses.

The Awards

They went back in time to the hotel and changed for the awards.

The event lasted two hours, of which Umaima was declared the winner, but while it lasted, they both had their minds occupied with each other, the strength of Cupid’s arrowed charms so overwhelming upon them, they were like one’s drunk with ambrosia!

Luxembourg Palace and Gardens

From the arts gallery, which was the venue of the awards, they took a taxi to the Luxembourg Palace and Gardens. They could feel the power of love upon them and the ancient history that made the Palace popular. It was on the Palace grounds that

The Princess

It was almost midnight when they woke up and Molangu proposed to her and in sobs, Umaima revealed her true identity to him, which she said posed a great threat to their happiness and future security, more so since Molangu is not only a black African, but a Christian, which she is certain her parents will never accept!

Molangu calmed her and asked if she will agree to have a child with him. She consented and they went back to the hotel, slept together and made love for most of the night!

The events that followed later are summed as;
Umaima became pregnant and secretly hid it from her parents till the latter stages and being an only and a loved daughter, her will prevailed and she was allowed to be married to Molangu💑 in a secret quiet ceremony in his country, after which they relocated to France, without eithers’ religious belief being compromised.

Makar Sankranti 

HAPPY MAKAR SANKRANTI  TO ALL OF YOU DEAR😊 festival of Makar Sankranti in our country is one of the important festival . Mankar Sankranti is celebrated every year in the month of January. It is celebrated every year on the 13th or 14th of this month according to the panchang. According to the Hindu calendar, on this day the northern hemisphere of the Earth turns to the Sun. it marks the first day of sun’s transit into the makar (capricorn) Therefore, we celebrate this day as makar Sankranti.  on the day of Makkar Sankranti, bathed in Brahma Muhurt(time early in morning  approx 4 am)

(this kite making  competition held  in my  college  for makar Sankranti )

  and donated by virtue, there is also flying kites on Makar Sankranti. This festival is celebrated for 2 days. There is a different thrill of eating mangodis of pulse on the first day. on The 2nd day we made khichdi and after bathing we donated mixture of rice and  moong dal (pulse)and ladoos of sesame seeds and jaggery  (til gud ke laddoo) aur tilkut these are  famous  sweets  on Makar  Sankranti this festival  also celebrated with name of pongal  in Tamilnadu.

it’s my birthday 6/January 🎁🎂

hey guys ..

Happy birthday to me😀😀😀😀

it’s me  your  dearie Ritu👸. today is  my  born day. and  I’m celebrating it with lots off energy and have lots of fun with my  friends. I enjoyed it full day 😊 .today, when I wake up. I found a  surprise gift on  my  bed and I saw it ….gift make me happy. so  today  my  first gift  is  lord  ganesha with his chouki  and  dairy milk chocolate yummy 😉😙😙

and  than  I  start  my  day  with  sun  temple but  temple  is  close  so  …we went  to  party place. ..and  party  hard  lots  of  photographs, games  cake,  Continue reading “it’s my birthday 6/January 🎁🎂”

happy  new year 2018

hey everyone! 

first of  all  a  very  happy  new  year  to  all  my  WordPress family. I  hope  all  of  you  enjoyed it. and  make 1 January 2018  so  much  happening 😊 .

and  ya  I’m  sorry  for  all  wishing  but don’t  worry. ..I’ll pray to  God  this 2018 makes so much beautiful memories in  your life. ….

HEY IT’S  TURN TO SHARE some  pics of MY NEW DAY OF NEW YEAR 2018. ……😀

😙😙😙Hand made cards of  new year..

all  cards  are  really colour full and  beautiful. this  card making  competition  held  in  my  college on  new year  eve 😊. 

AND now it’s  turn to  share  my  picture on  1 January. ..

“Man’s words and voice are a reflection of his personality. .”

by words and voice man becomes superior and despicable. Otherwise, at the time of birth, all human beings are equal, whether they are kings or poor  their thoughts are the same. And then his personality is made up of people from his neighborhood and his family. He sees happening in his life, which sees others doing it, that  comes in his personality. If he grows up in a decent and educated society, his education is of the same kind and his personality is also built like a decent man as we have seen.

A noble person  doesn’t abuse anyone, does not speak abusively, while the poor and small people always use the wrong words and insult others because the person does not have any respect for himself, he does not know the importance of knowledge. It does not have to put civilization in its upbringing. Due to lack of knowledge, that person’s personality is coughing. All of us have seen this in our life that if a person is educated and we’ll mannered  from a civilized society, his upbringing is correct, then the person is always humble in front of others, that person will never use the wrong words for anyone. Having said-

In the same way, a superior man believes in listening more because of the excessive amount of knowledge he provides in his life. He knows the importance of knowledge that he can never talk to anyone using abusive and abusive language, on the other hand, a person who didn’t do anything in life, did not achieve any achievement, he does not have to do anything to make a person unnecessarily. He  does not think about anyone to say the wrong words. There are many great men in this world today even today, There are big and knowledgeable people who have brought themselves in the stars from dust and have created their own existence, such as Tata, Birla, Ambani, have you ever seen these heard misinterpreted or abused by saying or doing wrong words? No, in the manner of talking about all this, there is a civilization. There is a tinge that the rituals are reflected and their knowledge there is also evidence of those people who have done something in their life, have achieved achievements

In one of his life, he has brought himself to the stars in a bar. Knowledge makes a man great. The difference between man and animal is also by knowledge, without knowledge there is a human being like a beast.

Knowledge and speech alone identify the identity of a fool and a civilized human being.

That’s why I will make the same request to all of you. That’s your speech and conscience should not be lost in vain.

“Because if you insult a person, it does not insult him, but gives evidence of being yours downstairs.”