Makar Sankranti 

HAPPY MAKAR SANKRANTI  TO ALL OF YOU DEAR😊 festival of Makar Sankranti in our country is one of the important festival . Mankar Sankranti is celebrated every year in the month of January. It is celebrated every year on the 13th or 14th of this month according to the panchang. According to the Hindu calendar, on this day the northern hemisphere of the Earth turns to the Sun. it marks the first day of sun’s transit into the makar (capricorn) Therefore, we celebrate this day as makar Sankranti.  on the day of Makkar Sankranti, bathed in Brahma Muhurt(time early in morning  approx 4 am)

(this kite making  competition held  in my  college  for makar Sankranti )

  and donated by virtue, there is also flying kites on Makar Sankranti. This festival is celebrated for 2 days. There is a different thrill of eating mangodis of pulse on the first day. on The 2nd day we made khichdi and after bathing we donated mixture of rice and  moong dal (pulse)and ladoos of sesame seeds and jaggery  (til gud ke laddoo) aur tilkut these are  famous  sweets  on Makar  Sankranti this festival  also celebrated with name of pongal  in Tamilnadu.

it’s my birthday 6/January 🎁🎂

hey guys ..

Happy birthday to me😀😀😀😀

it’s me  your  dearie Ritu👸. today is  my  born day. and  I’m celebrating it with lots off energy and have lots of fun with my  friends. I enjoyed it full day 😊 .today, when I wake up. I found a  surprise gift on  my  bed and I saw it ….gift make me happy. so  today  my  first gift  is  lord  ganesha with his chouki  and  dairy milk chocolate yummy 😉😙😙

and  than  I  start  my  day  with  sun  temple but  temple  is  close  so  …we went  to  party place. ..and  party  hard  lots  of  photographs, games  cake,  Continue reading “it’s my birthday 6/January 🎁🎂”

happy  new year 2018

hey everyone! 

first of  all  a  very  happy  new  year  to  all  my  WordPress family. I  hope  all  of  you  enjoyed it. and  make 1 January 2018  so  much  happening 😊 .

and  ya  I’m  sorry  for  all  wishing  but don’t  worry. ..I’ll pray to  God  this 2018 makes so much beautiful memories in  your life. ….

HEY IT’S  TURN TO SHARE some  pics of MY NEW DAY OF NEW YEAR 2018. ……😀

😙😙😙Hand made cards of  new year..

all  cards  are  really colour full and  beautiful. this  card making  competition  held  in  my  college on  new year  eve 😊. 

AND now it’s  turn to  share  my  picture on  1 January. ..

“Man’s words and voice are a reflection of his personality. .”

by words and voice man becomes superior and despicable. Otherwise, at the time of birth, all human beings are equal, whether they are kings or poor  their thoughts are the same. And then his personality is made up of people from his neighborhood and his family. He sees happening in his life, which sees others doing it, that  comes in his personality. If he grows up in a decent and educated society, his education is of the same kind and his personality is also built like a decent man as we have seen.

A noble person  doesn’t abuse anyone, does not speak abusively, while the poor and small people always use the wrong words and insult others because the person does not have any respect for himself, he does not know the importance of knowledge. It does not have to put civilization in its upbringing. Due to lack of knowledge, that person’s personality is coughing. All of us have seen this in our life that if a person is educated and we’ll mannered  from a civilized society, his upbringing is correct, then the person is always humble in front of others, that person will never use the wrong words for anyone. Having said-

In the same way, a superior man believes in listening more because of the excessive amount of knowledge he provides in his life. He knows the importance of knowledge that he can never talk to anyone using abusive and abusive language, on the other hand, a person who didn’t do anything in life, did not achieve any achievement, he does not have to do anything to make a person unnecessarily. He  does not think about anyone to say the wrong words. There are many great men in this world today even today, There are big and knowledgeable people who have brought themselves in the stars from dust and have created their own existence, such as Tata, Birla, Ambani, have you ever seen these heard misinterpreted or abused by saying or doing wrong words? No, in the manner of talking about all this, there is a civilization. There is a tinge that the rituals are reflected and their knowledge there is also evidence of those people who have done something in their life, have achieved achievements

In one of his life, he has brought himself to the stars in a bar. Knowledge makes a man great. The difference between man and animal is also by knowledge, without knowledge there is a human being like a beast.

Knowledge and speech alone identify the identity of a fool and a civilized human being.

That’s why I will make the same request to all of you. That’s your speech and conscience should not be lost in vain.

“Because if you insult a person, it does not insult him, but gives evidence of being yours downstairs.”

जिन्दगी चलती जाती है …..

जिंदगी चलती जाती है|

हर घड़ी, हर पहर, बस चलती जाती है

जैसे मुट्ठी में रेत भरने की, कोशिश की हो हमने,

और उस बिखरती रेत की तरह, Continue reading “जिन्दगी चलती जाती है …..”


Life goes on.

 Every clock, every moment, just goes on

 Like we have tried to fill sand in a fist,

 And like that shattered sand,

This life just slips.

 Like we tried to run with needles in the clock,

 And like that passing time,

This life just passes.

 Like we tried to fill the water in the sieve,

 And like that flowing water,

This life just flows.

Life just goes on .

 Every clock, every moment, just goes away.

And then one day-

Like a full circle,

  This unfinished journey

Unknowingly, it becomes complete.

  Do not know how many dreams, how many fans,

  remain in this heart.

  Like the night firefly tried to   

  illuminat  Be it

  And when the day comes,

 the firefly disappears.

This life is just lost.

This life is lost.


किसने समझा उसे?

उसकी आँखो में भी ,

कुछ सुनहरे ख्वाब थे।

उसके दिल में भी, 

कुछ हसीन  हसरतें थी।

उसके जज्बातों में भी, 

कुछ अनदेखा जुनून था।

उसके लबों पर भी,

कुछ हक की  बातें थी।

उसकी बातों मे भी, 

कुछ छिपी सिसकियाँ थी।

उसकी  चाहतों मे भी, 

किसी की यादें थी ।


किसने  समझा  उसे?

शायद किसी ने नहीं,

शायद कभी भी नहीं।।🙇

                   》 Ritu 

Psychology of society towards Girls👩

This man dominated society has always prevented the girls from moving forward. Always a man takes the decision of the future of the girls. The society believes that the girls should live inside the house only, and that the girls are in the house. They should not go out of the house. What is to be done girls is simply to take care of the houses. From birth to marriage, it is to be take care of your father’s house where she has to follow the teachings of her father and her family and keep silent. The people who make the decision will have to admit with smile without any objection.

Life travel of a girl-

When, she was in the womb of his mother.  As soon as her family member got to know her, her mother, who is herself a girl, would be ready to assassinate her fetus but if she survived like a poor, then  till the 5 years of age she does not get as much love as the parents does to a boy. It is illegal. From the age of 5 to 8 years which should be the beginning of her reading, it has to be cared for. It has to be taken care of that.

The girl has to do her own work like preparing a bath she needs to eat herself with her own hands as soon as she is 8 years old, she start teaching her work at home like washing, broom and serve food even watering. All this keeps going till the age of 12.

When the girl completes her 12 or 13 years More than half of the house’s work is left over to it. Like cooking, serving everyone, washing dishes, sending brother to school, and scolding if the work gets deteriorated. Now even in the hands of that girl in the hands of the house. It has not yet understood its meaning. Thousands of restrictions are imposed on her. Like

1– Clothes to wear with your parents’ choice.

2- Do not talk to 2-guys.

3- Do not go out of the house alone.

4- Do not talk to anyone loudly.

5- Do not laugh too much in front of relatives.

Because,  if a girl does not do this then she will not have good relations for her marriage. And then after completing 16 years planning of her marriage start the marriage starts happening, even sometimes marriage is done before 18 and the girl gets married, she also gets married with the choice of her parents and relatives. Nobody wanted to know whether she was happy or not. Did she want to get married? Or some of his dreams were his own. She gets married. She gets married. After marriage, she enters in another house. Where only the change was done, Ghungghat took the place of dupatta in his life and was first known as his father’s daughter. Now known as husband’s wife, that house was called Mayka, and now this house is called in-laws. She used to obey the father, brother, grandmother, mother, everybody’s command. she used to take the decision of her future. And here all his decisions take her husband, mother-in-law and father-in-law. And sometimes the girls are beaten in the in-laws’ house. And many times they are killed for dowry.

And because of all this, her husband hopes to get the birth of a boy from her in-laws. And if that girl has a girl in her womb, then she forces her to murder the fetus. And If she fails to give birth to the child, then she is pronounced. she is constrained for divorce. On many occasions, the girl is abandoned, and her husband remarries. .  ” Well this is the irony of the life of a girl.”

If a child becomes a child, then the whole life goes out for the children and seeing the woman, the woman becomes a mother from the woman, and she fulfills all the wishes – one day just dies.

Now here is a question for you, for this societyis this the life of a girl? If you had thought that if all this was with a boy, would he have been able to tolerate all this? Maybe a girl who is an equal shareholder in running a society, her life just deserved it. Is a woman who gives birth to a man, her life just deserve so much, maybe not at all.

         In her eyes ,

There were some golden dreams

       In her heart 

There were some beautiful  desires. 

      In her emotions, 

There was some undiscovered  passion. 

      On her lips 

Things were some right.

      In her words  (too),

There were some hidden  sticks.

     In her thoughts, 

There was someone’s memory.

    But, who understand  her?

     May be no one.

   Probably never.



​“The victory of light over dark”

Deepavali is a national festival in India. Deepavali means “rows of clay lamps”. It is a festival of light. Diwali is other name of deepavali celebrated every year in month of October or November by Hindus or we can say that in month of kartika on 15th day. On fest of Diwali we are worshipping Lord Ganesha and Goddess Laxmi.  Goddess Laxmi symbolizes money and property and Lord Ganesha symbolizes intelligence and knowledge. And we obviously want knowledge and wealth so we worshipped both Laxmi and Ganesha on Diwali. In this day we are lighting up our home as well as our soul.The inner light that protects from darkness and bring spirituality in life.

History of Diwali:

Diwali memorializes, because on this day, after completing his 14 years exile Lord Rama return to his dynasty Ayodhya. the people of Ayodhya illuminated rows of diyas(clay lamps) to cheers the victory of Lord Rama. There are various stories behind Diwali but I personally believe on this.  

This is 5 days festival

1st day:-  first day of festival we celebrate as Dhanteras. On this day people clean their house and workplace decorates their houses and workplaces. On this day people believe in shopping of gold, silver and kitchen utensils. So all people according to budget buy some gold and silver coins  for diwali pujan.

2nd day:– second day is celebrated as chhoti Diwali. On this day people decorate their full home and workplace with tinny lights, making designs with colors (rangoli),  different- different color of light, candles, flowers and clay lamps(Diyas). Making lots of mouth-watering  sweets for Diwali pujan. Bring mumra(made up of dhan) and gatta(made up of sugar).  And  shopping of traditional clothes.

3rd day:- this is the main day of Diwali. On this day in evening  people wear new cloths and dressed well  and worshipped  Lord Ganesha and goddess Laxmi with sweets, flowers along with whole family and friends.

And light up diyas and put these clay lamps everywhere in his house and do fireworks cracks crackers. Along with all this festivities  meeting  with their friends and family and exchanged gifts and sweets boxes.

4th day:-  this day is celebrated  as Govardhan pooja. Govardhan pooja  is done with curi, rice, dahi bara, sweets  and chapati. Whole family stands together worshipped Govardhan and complete 101 rounds of Govardhan. 

5th day:– this day is dedicated to Love of brother and sister, So this is celebrated as Bhai doj. We all know that relation of brother and sister unique in this world. On this day sister put kumkum tilak on his brother’s forehead treat sweet and pray for his long life. And in returns brother gives gift to his sister.